Monday, September 19, 2016

Making your Planted Tank Lively: Led aquarium lighting for plants

Planted tanks are one of those popular attractions you will really notice a household having it. It is not just because of the different types of the fish you see but also how you organize and design it. Plants are the common design you could see in a fish tank for it will make the fish feel at home and still think that they are on the ocean where they should be in the first place.

Having planted tanks will require your time and effort to maintain it. Sometimes it will require you money for it to survive and also for it to be as organize as you want it to be. There is a plus, especially at night, if you put some best led aquarium lighting for plants James Blog. It will make your tank eye-catching.

What you NEED and NEED NOT to DO

Having the best led aquarium lighting for plants will make all your decision be weighed from the time you decided to have it. It has advantages especially if you are using LED light for it lasts long and makes you save power and pay low on your electric bills.

You need to remember some DO’s and DON’T’s when you decide to give light on your planted tanks.

1.        Explore different colors. You can choose from different colors and combine them. It will help in enhancing the color of the fishes as well as the designs you have on your tanks.
2.       Dim your LEDs. This will help you on blending different colors well. You can dim one color and give emphasize to other colors on your tank. Dimming your LED light could also make you save energy and have a long-lasting lamp.
3.       Do not forget to ventilate your LEDs and heat sinks. Keep the LEDs cool by providing air circulation around the light strip for the heat to freely dissipate.
4.      Always check your LEDs. Checking the LEDs is done by cleaning it and looking for any mineral deposits on it. Deposits and salts cause corrosion and will damage the LEDs and heat sinks.

1.     Do not let your LED light get wet. Most of the LED lights are waterproof or water resistant but it would not mean it is good for them to get wet all the time. The light may survive if it will be submerged but the LED circuit board will not.
2.       Never put your LEDs close to any metal halides. Doing so, it will cause dramatic decrease in the lifespan of the LED.
3.       Damage what you take care of. Go to a LED light with good quality. Some may have some defects that could cause your corals to release some toxins and burn their own surface.

There are guides you can follow when you decide to install LED lights on your planted tanks. You can also consult experts on choosing the right brand, color, and quality to buy and install. LED lights are proven to provide you long-lasting glimmer and make you enjoy other stuff since you will not pay big on your bills.